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Buy Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates have been used over generations by humans who buy Cannabis oil for unique benefits and its products are available under these three umbrella terms. Cannabis oil is an incredibly wide term which serves as a warehouse for its variants including hemp oil, hemp seed oil as well as CBD-based extracts. The term is also used for high-THC oils for eg Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). To simplify, it indicates any product that is derived from the cannabis plant and processed into concentrates. Each of these cannabis oils has unique properties.

Why buy cannabis oils instead of tried & trusted buds?

  • It enables smoke-free consumption. Generally, consumers choose to ingest or vaporize concentrates.
  • It’s an efficient option that delivers the desired experience with less product.
  • As compared to buds which are raw, extracts are refined. This means that cannabinoids and essential oils are extracted from the plants resulting in a clean & smooth inhale upon vaporization.

Buy Cannabis Oils in Different Forms

Cannabis oils occur & can be administered in different forms. Buy Cannabis oils available on our website in the following forms:

  1. Tinctures (Oral Ingestion)–It’s a cannabis-infused liquid to be put under the tongue. The effect can be noticed within 20-30 minutes of administration.
  2. Vaporizer Cartridges (Vaporize)–These are oil-filled cartridges that work upon a battery attached to them. Its administration is similar to e-cigarettes; upon taking a puff, wait for some time to notice full effects.
  3. Capsules (Oral Ingestion)–These are cannabis-infused oil capsules that may require up to 2 hrs for complete effects. To begin, low doses of 5mg are advised that can be later increased if necessary.
  4. Shatter, Wax, Dabbable Oils (Oral Ingestion)–It’s an oil that’s refined with the help of a solvent (CO2 or butane). It’s deemed to be potent, fast-acting and high in THC.
  5. Hash (Smoke, dab or Vaporize)–It’s a concentrate extracted from the plant’s sticky glands which can be smoked or vaporized to achieve potent & fast results.

Buy Cannabis Oils of Different Types

Every Cannabis extract serves a different purpose and is categorized on the basis of the manufacturing process. Below, we’ve briefly listed some of the most common ones for you:

CO2 Extraction – Cannabinoids are extracted using CO2. Deemed to be the safest way of extraction, it does not call for another solvent in the process.

Lipid-Based Extraction – This requires the infusion of cannabis with fats (such as carrier oils) until cannabinoids are fully absorbed. It serves as an ideal solution for patients with improved preservation of cannabinoids.

Ethanol-Based Extraction – These are cannabis oils that use ethanol to extract the plant’s cannabinoids. The plant is soaked in ethanol and the resultant mixture is rich in cannabinoids. This mixture is then further processed.

THC Oil – Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the natural compounds (cannabinoids) in Cannabis plants. Flowers can have up to 35% of THC concentration. THC has wide applications. It can be used as an antiemetic, an analgesic or an analgesic.

CBD Oil – Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the most general cannabis oil extracted from CBD-rich strains and hemp plants. It can be made using CO2, ethanol-based or other extraction methods. It’s available as full- or broad-spectrum, i.e., with or without THC respectively.

BHO Oil – An abbreviation for Butane Hash Oil (popularly called Butane Honey Oil), BHO is a resinous oil from cannabis extracted using butane. It’s primarily consumed by dabbing or vaporization.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) – Like BHO, RSO too is a resinous oil that’s left behind during alcohol-based extraction. Its effects are said to be very strong.

Each of the above-listed extracts serves a different consumer type and purpose. However, it’s always recommended to rely on trusted suppliers only. Buy Cannabis Oil from 420 Online Plug. We are a highly-trusted breeder, an expert at serving customers to buy premium cannabis oil & other products across the US & Canada.


Butane Hash Oil (BHO)